What exactly is a Naming Ceremony?
…. and why have one?

A Naming Ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of your child or a lovely way to welcome an adopted child or young step-children, into the family.  The child can be of any age.

It’s a unique and meaningful event that’s designed to welcome your child into the family and to celebrate his or her place in the wider community.

Family relationships are deepened and as Parents, you become more fully aware of your responsibilities, so of course, do the Godparents and Grandparents.

What makes a Naming Ceremony so unique, is that it’s created by you.

It’s a very personal and special event constructed to reflect your own personal values.

Naming CertificateIt’s an opportunity to declare in front of your family and friends, your promise to be the very best Parent you can be.

A Naming Ceremony is also a time for creating a circle of support for your child’s future development.

Family and Friends confirm their special relationship with your child by pledging their love and commitment.

Involving older siblings in a ceremony for a new baby is a great way to strengthen bonds, and to consolidate their own place in the family.

In our multicultural society, often it is the grandparents who are the ones from whom the diverse traditions stem. Acknowledging their heritage and tradition within the ceremony is the most graceful way I know of conveying how important they are in the life of the child.

Above all, a Naming Ceremony is a truly wonderful family celebration that you will all remember joyously for many years to come.

What does the cost of a ceremony provide?

  • The services of a Celebrant both before and during the ceremony
  • Creation of a unique ceremony
  • Samples of structure, wording and poems for the ceremony
  • A Commemorative Certificate signed by all parties involved

How long does the ceremony last?

A basic ceremony usually takes up to 30 minutes depending on readings and options included.

Can it contain religion?

You are welcome to use any religious readings or spiritual content that have special meaning for you, if you wish.

Does the ceremony carry any legal status?

As with a Christening, a Naming Ceremony doesn’t have any legal status and any certificates provided are for your personal use only.

Can I include other siblings in the ceremony?

Siblings are welcome to be involved in the ceremony as are any family member or friend.